Mihailo Pejnovic is a top rising Bosnian/Serbian digital influencer. With his style and high-quality pictures that are relatable without compromising editorial worthiness, he established himself as Instagram Influencer who has amassed following of +50,000 followers upon launching his first blog called "Fashion By Mihaailo" in September 2016.

" I was always inspired by people and what they were wearing at the moment. My blog started spontaneously. During school, I had to plan the outfit for the day, my goal was to wear a different piece of clothing every day, but I would always forget what I wore, and what I didn't. My sister started to take pictures of me in front of a white wall and that is how it all started. The ones I liked a lot were posted on Instagram, and then I decided to step up the game and made a website for my Instagram followers to see the pictures in full size"

In a small city where no dreams are impossible to reach. Mihailo utilizes his personal style as a fashion statement to inspire others to be bold and confident. He is constantly challenging new trends mixing them with casual style.

" Everyone should be happy with themselves. No matter who you are, where are you from and what your goals are, you should always love and support yourself."

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