Mihailo Pejnovic is a top rising Bosnian/Serbian digital influencer based in  Banja Luka. With his style and high   quality pictures that are relatable without compromising editorial worthiness, he established himself as Fashion Blogger who has amassed following of +40,000 followers upon launching his first blog Fashion By Mihaailo in September 2016.

" I always loved fashion and dressing up for school. I would always wear different clothes every day and feel special about it. In 9th grade I never had enough time to even think about what should I wear the next day. My sister started to take photos of me so every time I wake up I could just scroll and find a perfect combination for that day. This is how my blog started!"

In a small city where no dreams are impossible to reach. Mihailo utilizes his personal style as a fashion statement to inspire others to be bold and confident. He is constantly challenging new trends mixing them with casual style.

" I honestly love when people are happy and free. I started to be really tired watching city streets full of same people, wearing same jackets, sneakers, combining same pieces... Being unique in this city means being different in negative way, but nobody is thinking that it means being special or even better than them!"

With his huge following he will always be there for all people that love him, and work with other different brands.

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