Travel hacks I swear by

A few days ago I spent some time in Zagreb, Croatia and from this point I can say that Europe definitely has it's best cities. Is it about people, old architecture or interesting history, it's up to you. I loved every moment spent here and definitely people in this city always make me come back again and again. You can see from the photos that I really enjoyed beautiful city center smells as well as food. 

However, to make myself as much comfortable as I can, I need to take care about stuff that I am taking with myself ( passport, wallet, keys etc.. ) because it happens that someone steals it easily especially in big cities. In this post I will be talking about my personal, and the ones I saw from other people, hacks I swear by and use every time I travel. Are you travelling to a city 1 hour far away from you, or to another continent, it's not important. This can be really helpful.


Come on, the last thing I want to hear from myself is that I am going to pack my stuff hour before going. Somehow I always end procrastinating and always pack in the last moment. That's why I have this amazing life hack to organize every single thing that I take with myself to a trip:

Separate everything you want to pack in sections. Here's the example:

HYGIENE: - if you are going to stay in a hotel or apartment this 

section is for packing toothpaste, toothbrush, comb and stuff related to hygiene. I would not recommend you to bring towels because hotels have plenty of them, however I would recommend you to bring your own soap/shampoo/lotion because it may happen that you don't like hotel ones.

TECHNOLOGY: Your phone, earbuds, headphones, charger, camera, camera charger, laptop and so on. I usually call this section "cable section" because at the end chargers look really weird. To get some extra space fold the cables around your 3 fingers carefully and put them in the smallest pocket of your bag/suitcase.

CLOTHING: - This one is probably the easiest one. You can easily find what are you going to wear just be careful when folding clothes to save space. If you are taking sneakers with yourself, I will recommend you to put your socks inside because of space saving.


Nothing bothers me more than going to a trip than wearing jeans, tight shirts or skirts and dresses. Of course I don't have anything against them, if you feel comfortable, you go girl, but I think that wearing comfy clothes can change entire impression of the travel part.

For this one I will recommend you to wear anything that you like, of course. From the first picture you can see that I wore plain white shirt combined with blouse. Made me feel really comfortable and still I wasn't looking like going to buy milk ( literally ) I also wore black shorts.


Especially if you are travelling during summer time. In case you didn't know I drink almost 4 liters of water a day ( a gallon ) and I am proud of the fact that I am always hydrated. Always have a bottle by yourself


This one is particular. When you arrive go and get some snacks and drinks. You can save them when going back, or simply eat so you don't have to go to restaurants.


Every city has some free wi-fi connections especially local restaurants, cafes, hotels etc.. It's important to stay connected because you can easily talk to your friends/family via popular apps like whatsapp and so on. I also like to stay connected because I post instagram stories, photos and engage with my followers. Don't forget to always film yourself and take thousands of photos because you are making memories

Well, this is it for this post. I gave you some of my fave tips and I hope you enjoyed. I had great time in Zagreb and from this point I can say that I will definitely come back again this summer and winter. See you guys in one of my next posts and just like I promised, I will start posting more often.

What's your opinion?