Things I wish I knew before starting my social media pages

New weekend new post! I am finally announcing that I'm going to be back on blog and more blog posts next weeks ( to be exact 14th of June ) I will bring you so many blogging / instagram / business posts as well as fashion and lifestyle tips.

In this post I wanted to talk about all of the things I wish I knew before starting my social media pages. I recently saw this topic a lot on pinterest and so many bloggers write about this so I wanted you to hear my experiences. ( me trying to be relatable lol ) Jokes away, even though I am blogging for almost a year and the half, this was a journey and I said this in many of my recent posts. I talked about tips for getting motivated, how I edit my instagram photos, advices for taking spring photos and more.


Being a social media influencer can get messy and chaotic. When you start getting new ideas the only thing that is stopping you is time. I would always say "Damn! 24 hours for a day is nothing" and I still sometimes say that. The word "SOCIAL" influencer means that you are appearing on every popular social platform promoting yourself and your business.
For example: When I publish this post, I need to share it on my pages so you can see and read it, make instagram story about it and put "swipe up" to read feature or post a photo and add a caption where I tell you that there's brand new post on my blog. Same goes for twitter, facebook, but the only difference is pinterest, because I play around, edit and make not clickbaity but a photo that I am sure will get me traffic. Being motivated has a huge role in this. I have a post where I talked all about motivation so if you are interested check it out.


I can't explain how many times I saw a blogger or public figure on instagram lose their impressions and followers. Yes, the key is posting more content ( can't relate lol I was so inactive for the past couple of weeks that it started feeling weird ) but you just can't post selfies every day with a different snapchat filter. You need to start adding something new and keep people who follow you interested.
Example: When I published my first blogging tips post just when I thought to delete it, I saw how many views it got and how many beautiful comments and messages i received. Also, I improved my instagram stories, so you can see more of my life, behind the scenes and so on. Yes, I was inactive on blog and instagram, but I kept posting stories every day and adding something new to them.


Every person who starts being influencer wants to grow as fast as possible. When I started the main thing that I wanted is to stay authentic and get following asap. To help yourself grow faster I would totally recommend you purchasing facebook ads especially instagram story ones. They will get you blog views and instagram impressions and followers. I don't want to talk about other things because I feel like you can always invest in something. Is it buying clothes, accessories or is it a pinterest software for pinning photos.. It's so up to you.


What can I say, nothing in life goes smoothly and perfectly. If it did it would probably be boring, don't you agree? You will receive hate comments, backlash, or even get rejected from a brand. It happens and it's normal. You just need to start enjoying everything that you are doing and keep motivating yourself.

"At the beginning they ask you why are you doing it, later they ask how you did it"

5. YOU?
I want to hear fifth tip from you! Leave me a comment or message me what have you learned before starting social media and maybe give me some tips! I would definitely reply.

What's your opinion?