Instagram feeds: "Coconut theme"

Besides spring, summer is one of my favorite seasons in a year. There's always something special about sharing summer photos on your instagram and giving it a brand new look. So as someone who spends 25 out of 24 hours per day on instagram, of course I had to do a research about summer instagram feeds!

There are thousands of different feeds you can make using various amount of apps, however there was something about coconut feed that interested me. That brownish tone and dusty effect I saw made me think to start one by myself, so why not.

Before I give you my tips how to edit these photos or how to take photos for brown feed, I just want to announce that this is going to be a serial called "One week with Mihaailo"  because I will give you entire week of different content so don't forget to check daily!

I believe that everyone can have these, you can download them for free on App store:


So my first tip for you will be to have a good photo you know will look good edited. Just like when I had white feed, I couldn't go out and take nature photos because green grass could only turn grey or white if I edited it and I would usually get totally different look.


I know, who even uses instagram to edit their photos, come on, but after doing some research, I saw that many celebrities use this one. Filter that I am talking about is ADEN and it gives your photo less contrasted and brown tone. His equivalent is A6 in vsco. 

So on every photo I like to use this filter up to 80 or 70, it really depends, but if it's a selfie, I like to use it up to 50 or 40. 
It is also really similar in Vsco: +8, +7, if it's a selfie +5, +4


So, after I put my filter, it's time for a second app called vsco. In this app I like to do some fixes like saturation, brightness etc. This app is really great because it's really adjustable and you can really get exactly what do you want.
Here's my setup:

Brightness: +0.5
Sharpen: +1.5
Highlights: +2 or +3
Tint: +0.5
Saturation: +0.4

After doing this particular step, you are already getting the perfect photo for this feed. 


This app is heaven. I would highly recommend it to you. Now this app is responsible for the dusty effect of this coconut feed I was talking about in the beginning. You can also purchase filters here and you can do some other adjustments like lens flare and so on.

Dusty section has exactly 13 different types of dust you can add. It nis really similar to adding grain to photo, except this dust effect gives you more "vintage" vibe to it.


Many bloggers have this app, and it's more famous on travel blogger's instagrams because they have their own presents and easily edit with one tap. I am kinda not a fan of this because I always love to play with adjustments and add something new or reduce something. I like to edit my photos until i like them, not just until my preset likes it.

However, this app has great features, for sure. Best thing about lightroom is that you can do adjustments for certain colors. I'll explain. You go to mix colors section and you can click a certain color ( example: blue ). Now you can see how much blue you want in your photo. You can adjust blue's saturation, luminance, and hue.
I use this one for yellow and orange, because I always reduce these two colors. 


  Every single of my instagram       tutorials has got facetune in it, so why can't this one. I talked about what I do in facetune the most but it's different now. Earlier, I used facetune's feature called whitening, and I would whiten all of the surrounding except myself ( when my white obsession started I even whitened my hair color so it matches with the background.. Not recommending it.. ) Now what I like to use is smooth and glow.
Smooth is a great feature for reducing highly detailed parts of the photo. I use it for my skin all the time, so it looks smooth and bright. 
Glow is a great feature for highlighting certain parts. Also, I am using it for my body so I look more glowy ( this is not even a word but oh well ) and bright. 

What's your opinion?