How to spend quality time this summer

Since summer started a week ago, I can for sure tell that it inspired me with the new blog post ideas. In my recent post where I talked completely about summer instagram themes I gave you some tips about how to step up your instagram game. Now, I'll talk about how to have best summer and how to spend your time the best way you can.

Of course, I won't be able to tell you exactly what to do, but I feel like I can inspire some of you. Welcome to "ONE WEEK WITH MIHAAILO" serial.


I feel like these days people are always talking about themselves and complain about their problems ( including me most of the time ) I know everyone has their own problems and have their own businesses to do, but simply talking to your friends or family members can really help you. Even listening to the problem. If you have something in your heart that bothers you, simply go and tell someone. You will feel freer and better. Also don't be lazy to listen to your friend, it is not all about you. 
Trough my life I learned that I need to appreciate smallest things, biggest things and everything in between. 


Honestly, best thing about summer is that we're being able to go to beaches, go tanning, sunbathing and so on. Hair gets lighter and skin glows. Who else can relate to that moment when we compare our tanned skin to the skin that is covered with swimsuit. 
But for sure the best thing about going to beaches is taking millions of selfies and videos. I recently saw my photos from seaside that were taken back in 2012 with my old iphone 4. Time passes really fast but memories are still here.


If you are a teenager or if you are a parent of 4 kids, you can start a blog. I was dreaming whole summer to start a blog and become someone in this world. And, did anything stop me from doing it? Hell no! September 2016 - Fashion by Mihaailo was launched.I went trough so much phases and blog definitely changed me as a person. So if you're having free time this summer, starting a blog will definitely be great for you. I am saying this because I know that many non - bloggers follow me and because I got asked "Should I start a blog?" - If you are passionate about something, you can always achieve your goals.


This year I said to myself that I'll explore as many places in my city as I can. Even if it's eating in a new restaurant that just opened, or finding a new place to have photo shoots, it is really important. You always need to upgrade and get a bigger eyesight of simply everything.

What is your biggest tip for spending this summer? Leave me a comment and I'll definitely reply to it!

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