The question I am recently receiving from many of you is what made me start this blog. What was the thing that made me so obsessed with blogging and the most important thing:

 "How I got views and got recognized by other bloggers?"

In one of my recent post I talked about how blogging changed my life so I won't be talking about that part because if you want any other details you can check that. I saw that this post got a lot of attention and even got trending on pinterest! Also I got so many nice comments that I keep doing this, so I want to update you: on SATURDAYS I will be posting social media tips/experiences/tricks/hacks etc... 

Here's exactly what I did and what helped me:

The beginning - From this point I can say that I struggled a lot. I was always watching and following instagrammers and other bloggers do their job like it's the easiest thing to do ever. I was thinking all the time "okay, so I will set up my blog and write a 100 words post and get 10k views" LITERALLY. Since I got a lot of followers on my instagram I started to use it to promote my very first blog. The amount of views I got for my first posts was hilarious. I got only 10 people click on my post and my friends which was another ten. 20 views for an entire week was silly.  The first blog I made was on

Many bloggers have their blogs on that platform and I started using it because it is the easiest platform to set up my blog and because I was way too lazy to learn about setting up blog. (not saying anything bad for people who have their blogs there, just sharing my story)
However as I googled all day long and as I followed other bloggers I came to realization that I am doing something wrong and that there is something missing. WORDS AND PHOTOS.

I would usually put one photo, 100 words and make a post about that. Of course nice looking blog can get you views, but the key is CONTENT. This may sound really cliche but it is true. Longer posts are usually the ones that get more attention especially if you add photos. 

As I realized that I also wanted to improve the way how my blog looks like, from I switched to and started new journey. And yes, I made a lot of mistakes and I am still making them. The point is that those mistakes are here to learn you how to be better, not to push you down. Also, as you learn you become better. This is true because it happened to me.

Hard work - I have my blog, my short posts with only one photo and a few hundred views. TIME FOR CHANGE. 

While I was reading other people's posts I started to focus on other details. Do they have links in their posts, or do they have this or that. I kinda learned from other bloggers and I improved my blogging journey. Longer posts and more photos helped a lot and if anyone asks me what is my tip for new bloggers I will always repeat this. Some viewers may come back to read it again if they really liked the post, some will share it and that is the next thing I am talking about.

Sharing / advertising - The major key for getting you views is to share and advertise yourself. It's logical right, but here's how I did it. 

Every time I write a post I will go and comment on other bloggers's posts and I will put the link of my blog at the end of my comment. Someone will see, click on the link, and the best part, the part that I love the most: Other bloggers will reply. As I got more into commenting, my favorite bloggers that I followed since I started this followed me, watched my blog, left some really nice comments. This made me so happy and made me work even more. 
Turning the game to next level: 

FACEBOOK ADVERTISING - if I really love this and If i really want to get views I need to invest in my blog. Spending some cash won't affect me, it will help me. 

For ONLY 3 DOLLARS I got over 70,000 impressions and a lots of clicks to my website. The advertising type I choose was instagram stories because they are the most effective ones. I gained 200 instagram followers and I got over 500 clicks to my blog (as they were clicking on posts and other pages I got over 3.500 views ). Nothing bad about spending money for that. Also, keep in mind that I only spent 3 dollars, if I spent 10 the results would be much bigger but this was my first time.

Pinterest - I need an entire post about this one. I never knew that pinning cute photos and making boards will get me views. As I post a blog post, I will go straight to pinterest and pin the post directly from my website. The better option is to go to any editor and make text on your photo what is your post all about. My post  my top 3 advice on how to take spring photos went viral on pinterest and I got about 1000 views ( 971 to be exact ) I will make a post about this one and my experiences there.

This is the second part of my blogging series. I am preparing you posts for pinterest and part 3 about my blogging journey. I was really happy about all the positivity and kind words that I got about my blogging series. Stay tuned for the part two and just like I said, more words and more photos and "The CONTENT is the key"  

What's your opinion?