This "winter" is about to end finally. Even though I am not matching with the weather in this  post, I need to say that I started to love wearing jeans in different colors!

Hello everyone and welcome to a new post! Last two weeks were really difficult for me and that is the reason why I wasn't updating you guys about my life on my social pages. However I am back on track, ready to post more than ever ( especially on the blog ) and do some highly requested posts! Let's get started!

I got two amazing pairs of jeans and the best thing about them is that they are not colors that you saw a lot from me. For some unknown reason I was always thinking that denim can go in two colors: Blue ( Texas blue or denim blue )  and Black ( Black Denim ) but trying these was amazing! I can combine even more and show you some more pieces and I will definitely do. 

For the second outfit I combined plain grey sweater mixed with light orange/ pinkish tone jeans. I wore black T-Shirt that is longer than sweater to make contrasted tone. Pretty much obsessed with this one.

I really hope you liked this post and be sure to leave some feedback!
Love you!

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Ally Shiny said...

love your style!

xoxo ally
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