Regardless of how many outfit posts I can take and post on the blog, there is still that post with my instagram pictures right? 

If you follow me on my instagram you will definitely see more of me actually! I am really active on my instagram stories and I share my daily work, outfit post, blog updates and more and that is why is this post here!

For the first picture, outfit post, I am wearing some kind of Parka Jacket that was amazing for this weather! I got mine from ASOS so if you are interested, be sure to check it out!
I found similar one, but the price is same!
Next instagram post is my mini Christmas tree designed by me. My family is really obsessed with minimalism just like me ( let's say that this is my fault because I always wanted to have a white home combined with black and grey, and my family made that wish come true! They love it. ) Adding a few ornaments made tree look really monotonic, so I made more trees, gingerbread cookie and Santa out of fabric.

Third Post and selfie time. You can't see on this photo, but the mini Christmas tree is on the wall where the plant is. Just like I said, my minimal white room and it matches my feed PERFECTLY.

Forth and outfit post. Except for red Jacket, I got asked about this coat A LOT. I will link the similar one because the one that I have got sold and put the picture in so you can see. I got it from ASOS too. ( the price is same as mine )

What's your opinion?