Well hello there dear people! Can you believe that there's only 2 days before Christmas?? Can you even believe that there's a week left until 2018? This year was really special and good for me and I will definitely upload a 2017 recap. Do you like this idea?

Let's get to this post. Ok so it will look literally like I am always complaining about weather but not this time sweeties. This is the winter time I want, warm for jacket, perfect for sweaters and perfect for shootings. I realized that i never wore shirt and then put a sweater on it because I always thought that this is so "old school". However while I was cleaning my ALWAYS MESSY closet I made a few combinations and this one was a part of them. Totally like it. How about you?

Here are some of my favorite winter quotes ( thinking about putting a favorite quote in every post)

"It's the most beautiful time of the year"
 "It's not what's under the tree, that matters is who gathers around it"
 " Jingle all the way"

What's your opinion?