Hi everyone! In today's post I'll be talking about my top 5 asked questions! I really get a lots of questions in my instagram direct, mails, pinterest and more, so I wanted to write a post about it and I hope you'll like it. Let's start!

How do you edit your instagram photos?
As you saw on my instagram, I started white feed and It is really good and it is the feed I am proud of. My photos have really high quality and it is much easier to edit them

The apps I am using: Facetune 2 - whitening
                                   VSCO - filters (HB1 +3,4)
                                   Pixlr - healing 
I was using facetune for a really long time until i saw facetune 2. This app is much better for whitening because you can adjust how much white your photo is going to look. I always go up to 70+ but it depends on how bright the photo is, or how white the photo is.

VSCO is app I use because of one filter, and it's HB1 (it's free) This filter gives photo a brighter look and a bit bluish tone to photo. I always go up to +3 or +4

Pixlr is an app where you can do a lots of things but I use it because it has healing feature. If the wall is white, but there is black dots on it, or if the wall is dirty, I go to healing section and I remove everything so It can look clean and match my feed

Is your hair natural and do you use extensions?
This is the last time I am saying that. My hair is natural, I know you saw that my hair started growing brown, but it is completely normal, because my hair is getting darker (and it's not because of dying it) I NEVER wore extensions. If you see that my hair is "longer" it's because of different angle in my photos. I think i explained everything.

What camera do you use for your instagram photos?
I am using iphone 6. I don't feel like I need to have amazing pro extra camera. Iphone has really good camera and I love it. Almost all my photos are taken with iPhone so yep.

How do you make instgram stories videos?
If you don't know, I made I video that was like an intro for my new blog design. I tried so hard to find a video editor where you can put music, add text and so. I downloaded app called FILMORA (you can download it on your computer or phone) and I edited my videos there. It is really simple and easy. I don't know if there is a version for android, but I think that it exist here too.

What music do you listen to?
I don't know why but I saw so many mails people asking me that. I love POP music and that is music I honestly love. 

That is it guys for this post I hope you all enjoyed reading it and I hope you will leave me some feedback! I love you all!

What's your opinion?