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Fashion by Mihaailo

Hi everyone! Welcome to updated version of this blog. First things first, I need to apologize for not being active for almost 2 weeks. It's really bad, but I am coming even stronger. I hope you will like it

I started this blog in January 2017. It was meant to be fashion blog with only outfit posts and without writing. It is going to be a fashion blog, but mixed with my life and with ME. I wont post daily like usual, but I will post 2 times a week. Pieces of my life, organization tips, travel guide and more. I spent more than an hour to make a video for my instagram story. (you need to check it out) CLICK HERE and I spent more than hour for re-designing my blog. I't's not fully changed, It's like small update because I need to apologize for not even thinking about blog. I really like this change because I am that type of person that hates changes.

I am preparing something really amazing for 40K on my instagram, and for 100K views on my blog.
Stay tuned and tell me, do you like this version of my blog?

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