One Day In The Life Of A Blogger

Guys, it is basically really hard question when someone asks: What are you exactly doing, how you organize your time, what you do anyways? My working day can last 2 or maybe 22 hours. It is hard to explain. But here is the post!

I usually wake up around 8 am. It is not a problem if I wake up at 12 but everything gets messy and confusing when I wake up later. When I wake up I check all mails I got during the night, and If something arrived in post office, I'll call taxi so I can get my stuff.

After I did that I'll make breakfast. For breakfast I ALWAYS use cereals and that's it. But since I am drinking coffee (a lot) I usually skip breakfast and have bigger lunch. Oh well. While I am eating I'll check instagram and go to my blog to read and reply to comments.

This is the time I love the most! I'll go out with my dog and play with him! In order to be productive, I always do the same thing everyday and it makes me feel happy.

Now it's time to have lunch. Well for my lunch I order something. Here's the trick! I go to facebook and I go to ordering food section and I find a restaurant where I can order food. The best thing I discovered ever.

At this time I'll post a photo on my instagram. I saw that my followers are most active at 6 pm so that is the time when I upload a photo.

Shooting time! Since it's summer I have photo shootings at 7 or 8 pm. I have really short photo shootings, like one was 2 minutes long! Record for me if you ask. 

At 9pm I'll write a post for my blog. I'll upload pictures and write a post. I usually open windows because fresh air inspires me (I never know what to write about). This took me 30 mins so yep.

I'll take a shower and go straight to bed. If I recently got more mails I'll check them and go straight to bed. Goodnight.

What's your opinion?