Travel Tips

Hi everyone! Today's post is going to be all about traveling! I am going to Croatia tomorrow and I basically can't wait so I decided to write a post about traveling! It is always a good idea to stay organized even if you are completely free.
1. Be patient.    Play some music, enjoy your road trip. I know that so many people get panic attack when they travel. Be happy that you finally leaved your house and that you are free.

 2. Wake up early! Isn't just great to wake up early, to enjoy beautiful sunrise with a cup of coffee (coffee addicted). You will also have even more time and you will feel better!

 3. Laugh at yourself! Okay, please never be embarrassed or ashamed of yourself. Better option is to laugh. You will feel amazing and you will remember it too

 4. Spend more money. Why not to spend money when you can! I always spend extra cash to buy gifts for people I love and my friends

 5. Meet new people I honestly don't like meeting new people, But last time when we were in Croatia (2016) I've met a Ukraian family and they were amazing! Can't wait to see them again this year.

 6. Take a lots of photos! I've already found a photographer in Ba┼íka Voda so I have 6 photo shoots in one day?! That's amazing

 7. Think less.    It's better, if you aren't a blogger like me, than you don't have to think that much. Feel free.

 8. Stay hydrated. It is summer guys, over 35 degrees outside? What? It is important to stay hydrated. Eat ice cream too!

 9. NEVER wear flip flops while you travel (even if it's a plane, car or bus).    Wear sneakers or sandals, they are comfortable and they are made for situations like that.

 10. Make your song playlist and bring your headphones! Make a playlist of your favorite songs and listen to them! It is more likely to remember a place with your favorite song! After you play the song, you'll remember everything!
And that is it for this post, I hope y'all enjoyed! See you In Croatia tomorrow!

What's your opinion?