Mia Photography/Springfield shorts

Hi everyone. For today's post I need to talk about this great photos. Outfit is second place this time. I never had photographer in my life before ( birthdays,prom and other things like that don't count) so I have to tell you. HAVING A PHOTOGRAPHER IS BEST IDEA EVER. Basically it is drama-less and you don't have to worry about places where you are going to take photos or even you don't have to worry about lighting, is photo blurry or not. I am so amazed right now. Anyways person that did this masterpiece is Mia. She is so good at photography! Click here to see her instagram page!

 Now let's talk about my outfit. Today I decided that i'll be green. Not in real way but in outfit way. Green color is hated by so many people and I don't know why. Honestly, I don't wear green that much but hey, never say never. My T-Shirt is from Terranova, My shorts is from Springfield and my sneakers are from 2013 so I don't even remember brand. Thank you all for reading, see you tomorrow!

What's your opinion?