DIY hair masks

Hi guys, welcome to my new blog post! I am so close to finish school that you can't even imagine. This blog post is going to be about DIY hair masks you can make at home. I was buying hair masks on internet, because they were cheap, and they helped me a lot because I have problems with my hair and when I say problems, 
I mean: Damaged hair
              Oily hair
             Dandruff problems

So, one day when I was applying my hair mask i thought: "hm, what are these masks made of" and I read that they are lots of chemistry so it is not that good for your hair. I was thinking: "Well I can make my own mask" LET'S GET STARTED.

1. Mask for dandruff 

Ingredients: Coconut oil
                    Argan oil
                      Olive oil

Find a bowl and mix all ingredients. This mask is really good for your hair because it removes dandruff and your hair will be fresh. TIP: After you apply your mask, don't wrap your hair with towel or anything, leave it. Your hair needs to breath too.  Leave it on your hair for 45mins.

2. Mask for oily hair

ingredients: Olive oil 
                    Cream ( for cooking obviously )

Believe me or not, this mask is GOALS. At first I was like: "Cream, really" and I made that mask. It does smell, so you NEED to wrap your hair with towel. Leave it on your hair for 1 hour. After you are going to wash your hair,wash it 2 times. 

3. Mask for damaged hair

Ingredients: 1 egg ( if your hair is longer than use 2 )
                    coconut oil

This mask is great for damaged hair. Lemon destroys all smells so you don't need to warp your hair with towel. Leave mask on your hair for 1 hour. 

Thank you guys so much for reading all my blog posts, I hope you enjoyed. Stay tuned for more. Love you!

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