April Favorites?

Hi guys, welcome to my new blog post! Believe me or not I am doing favorites post. As you know I hate favorites posts because I am never 100% sure about a product or a piece of clothes, but for these balea products I need to say that I have obsession with. Let's jump into this.

1. Balea BodyCreme SheaButter 
When I got this I was like: "Honestly, I think I am going to hate this" but this creme has best smell ever on this planet. It hydrates your skin and it is also good if you have dry skin. It is made out of shea butter and argan oil. Believe me or not, after applying this on my skin (it was 10 pm) and when I woke up it still smelled the same just like I applied it. Obsession is real. 

2. Balea spray deodorant
When I got this I had the same thoughts like i had of bodycreme. I was wondering why this looks like a perfume but then I realized it is because deodorants ruin your skin. This one has really nice smell, It is fresh and the smell is same as wet wipes. Honestly, I am so glad that i got 2 because I can't stop using it everyday.

3. Balea after sun dusche 
Oh, after sun... Are you kidding me, it is rainy spring here. After all my stupid words I realized that this is name of the shampoo. THIS SHAMPOO IS EVERYTHING. Smells like sea, sand, basically smells like summer that I love the most. This shampoo was limited edition but now it is not, however I am safe because I have five of them. If you ever go to DM buy this shampoo, you won't regret buying it.

4.Felce azzurra shower shampoo
This one is not from balea. Felce azzurra is an Italian company that makes shampoos and laundry softeners. It comes in a light blue tube and there is a big and small one. It has really nice smell, you need to believe me. 
Here are all smells: Dolce 
                                Dolce relax
                                Bango ambrato 

And which one i have? I do have every single one just because they are great. You can buy them in every single store and the prices are great: small ones: 2,50€
                                                                                  big ones: 3,50€

Guys, this is it for this blog post, I hope you all enjoyed. Number of views on this blog is bigger every second I am so grateful right now. Leave me a feedback. Love you all!


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