Hi guys, welcome to my second new post today!? YAAAY! Ok, so when I said that I am going to be active, I really mean it. I am on my spring break so basically I can do whatever I want. This blog post is going to be ultimate guide to instagram. How to gain followers, likes, comments and so, and also how i gained 31k on my insta. Let's get started.

Yeah I know that there are millions and millions 'get followers' videos and methods, why will anyone spend 1 hour of life watching videos that won't even help. I will show you my method and what I did. 

First Things first
You made your new account, and you don't know where to start. I recommend you, short username without _ or numbers because it is annoying and add a profile picture that you won't change because when someone sees your profile photo he/she will know that it is your profile.Your insta bio needs to be simple. Just add some emojis that go well together ( or with your feed ) and introduce yourself. 


And now you can finally start with gaining some followers. This is the first method. Some people will say that this method is fake or stuff like that, but I will say that this method works and even if you unfollow that person that you followed, your insta bio, great stories, and high quality photos won't let that person unfollow you.Follow some of your friends, then people that you love, celebrities, ytubers and so. Also connect your insta with facebook so your friends can follow you. Then find a person that has similar account like you, and you can always follow all his followers, like and comment on their photos.


I absolutely love this one. I go to someone's profile ( that has similar account like me ) and I comment on all other people's photos that commented on photo of that person. When I comment I always put emoji, It is more visible 
Style on fleek
Love it

Well, I hate this one and this is probably the main reason why I don't have that much likes. I love to follow people and to comment on their photos, but I really hate liking photos because this person is probably going to get 100-1000 likes and my like notification will get lost somewhere, and that's why I comment

Second tips
Ok, you made your instagram look pretty and nice, you gained for about 300-500 followers
and now it's time for a first photo. All your followers will get notification that is going to look  like this "Check out @mihaailo 's first photo". You will get likes 100%. Also add hastags. Best way to get likes and follows is by adding hashtags to your photos. You can put them in comments and than delete them for about a day. DO NOT ask people for likes and comment on their photos like "spam me back" "like back" "like my post plss" They will probably like your photo, but they will get bored, they will get mad, or they will just block you.

Buying Followers
OK, FORGET THAT. I mean you can do whatever you want, but buying followers wont help. You can get 10k followers in 10 seconds but you also can get 0 likes for 10 days. They are inactive and they wont follow you just because they love your work.

Editing photos
As i said: High quality photos = Good amount of likes and comments. The good camera is not the option. You don't need best camera in the world, you phone camera is good 8mp, 13mp is all you need. Photos of you get 70% more likes than photos of something else.
Now when you have a photo now it is time to edit it.
Here are the apps that i use:

  • VSCO - really good app for editing photos, has really nice features and nice filters
  • Snapseed - google app that has features that you will love. If there is any shadows on your photo, you can easily fix it with snapseed. I love that app
  • FACETUNE - I know, you're thinking, but hear me: FACETUNE IS THE BEST APP EVER MADE. Features that i use here: Whitening, Defocusing, Smooth.
Speaking of hashtags
When I say that I mean, you can't post a night time picture and then add hashtag day, or morning, or food. You need right hashtag. Let's say that you have night time picture and what hashtags will you use? Sky, Night, Moon, evening, Blue, dark. So yeah, you will need right hashtag

Be active
You need to be active, so people will see that you care and that you are trying. Post a photo every day especially at the night time, 6pm, 7pm Followers are more active. Don't post 4 photos in a day and then you won't post anything for 2 weeks. One day = One photo.

So that is it for this blog post, I really hope you all enjoyed. 
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