Hi guys, welcome to my new blog post! So since I started my blog and right now, I need to show you my experience, and other things I learned.

So I got daily for about 10 messages ( mail, instagram dm..) How i got 2,500 views on my blog and what I did to get that much. People always get mad if i don't reply immediately. So, if you are looking for advice, you are on the right place!

Who will this guide help?
~ Bloggers that are starting their blog.
~ Bloggers that want more views on their website
~ People who think of making a  blog.

Necessary Pages

I saw so many blogs that have 0 pages on it. It is not that bad, but if you wantt to get more traffic you will need to add more pages

And you will also need to add blog gadgets like

About Me ~ this gadget is really good because you can present people what are you doing on your blog, what is your blog about and what are you into. This is the best way to get traffic.
Contact me Well, contact me is really cool gadget because so many people can contact you and that's the real way to connect with people. I recommend you to put contact me button to bottom on your page because people will see your posts too.


Be consistent ~ I recommend you to post a blog post every week. Posting only one post in one month will make your viewers inactive ( I know that lots of you will say that i haven't posted anything in a while but school killed me. Posting 3-4 posts in week soon )

Be original- Well, it is hard to be original in this gigantic world but everyone is special. BE YOURSELF and don't let money to be your goal on blog.

Lenght of your posts - I am trying to make my posts as longer as possible. 400 words minimum and 1200 words maximum. Google will show your post in their feed if your post has 1000 words. 

Always add a photo to your post - I write my intro and I put photo and then I start writing my post.

Social Media Sharing

Always share your post or blog on your social medias. I always add a video on my insta story that i posted a new blog post, I share it on my Facebook Page, on my snap and so. Even if you have small amount of followers, always share it. Somebody will see it! Use hashtags and tag people on your posts!

So that is it for this blog post, I really hope you all enjoyed. Next blog post - TOMORROW 

What's your opinion?