Winter or Spring?

Winter or Spring Looks? OK, so can we just talk about how I hate this time between winter and spring... It is really annoying because one day is like warm enough so you can say goodbye to all Jackets and Coats and one day is cold so much that you can't leave your house without gloves. So i can give you tips for that time of weather. Let's get started

- Always have umbrella with yourself! Even if the weather is nice, bring umbrella. On my last photoshoot it was cloudy so i was like "whatever it won't rain" few minutes later everything was white and guess why... SNOW?!

-It is good to have a jacket, or sweater. You can always put it in your bag or i don't know, but as you know in the mornings/evenings it is colder so it's better to have a sweater with yourself especially if you are going to be out entire day.

- Caps and hats. Let's talk about these mornings when I am waiting for my Bus and wind is killing my ears. And every single morning i say "Oh well, i forgot my cap". You  better should not forget them, because that pain is really annoying

What's your opinion?