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Instagram is a social page where basically everything is happening. People share their daily parts of life, capture moments, share everything that they are doing. However if you want these moments to look amazing, you'll have to edit your photos a bit. I don't want to say that unedited photos look bad, but adding some filters to it a changing some normal things like exposure and sharpness can make your photo look much better. 

I started my instagram in May 2015. I remember using instagram filters and on every photo I would put a different one. My feed back then was a mess. I started watching some youtube videos on how people edit their photos and started realizing that there are multiple apps for that ( of course, I knew that there are apps for example: no crop or instasize, but I mean vsco, facetune and so on.) and i started editing my photos too. In 2016 I was pretty good in vsco editing, but finally it is 2018 and I am good in almost every app. There were multiple times when I wanted a person to edit my photos but it is not worth it. Practice makes perfect.

Now, I'll answer some of the most asked questions I hear daily on my instagram or blog.


I use my phone almost all the time. iPhone has a really nice camera and size of it's photos sometimes can be really similar to size of camera. 
Sometimes when I feel like using camera, I use Cannon 700D. I don't have any favorite lens. It depends.


I use several different apps. Vsco, Facetune and sometimes PicsArt. For a while I edited my photos only with vsco and facetune but PicsArt have some really nice features. I'll show you.


I got asked about this one a lot. The key is good brightness. I take my photos in the morning or in the noon. I don't like to take my photos in the evening because it will be visible that I edited this photo a lot to make it bright.

Here's how:

FACETUNE: I love this app. You can download facetune 1 (paid) and facetune 2 (free). I had some bad experience with saving photos on facetune 1 so i use 2 instead. Whitening is the best part here. I whiten every single part of the photo except myself. I put my whiten level up to 80 because I don't want my photos to be that bright.

VSCO: Vsco is a filter app I would say. It has more features but I use it strictly for filters. My personal faves are HB1 HB2 A6 and C1.
A6 and C1 are some kind of orange-toned filters. Since I like my photos to be white, it appears a lot for them to be blue. That's why I use these two filters, just to reduce blue tones.
I NEVER put my filter level up to 12. On this photo I used C1 and set it on 3. 
On vsco I set my brightness up to 0,2 
                            sharpness up to 1,0
                            and saturation up to 0,2

PICSART: I use this app for my blog and Instagram Stories. I will publish Instgram stories post on my blog really soon. This app can help you add borders to your pictures or make collages. If you don't like vsco, PicsArt is for you. It has really nice filters and you can even draw on your photos.


For the pictures to come out well, try to always make them in a good light. The best light is in the morning and in the evening, before sunset. I know it’s not always possible to do that. So let’s say that, in the afternoon you are in a nice place where you want to take a picture, try to find a little shadow and take the picture there or sit with the face directly in the sun, not with your back to the sun, because the face will be very dark and it will be hard to edit the picture.

I hope I helped you a bit and answered some of your questions. I wish you creativity with editing your photos!

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Hi! After a long time I am writing this post. As you were able to see in my previous post, I traveled to a city really close to mine for some private reasons ( actually a package from Las Vegas ended up there so we had to sign it up and get it ) However we planned to finally go to a hotel and stay for a weekend. 
As I was enjoying beautiful weather and my hotel room views, I was absent from my social media. Sadly we didn't took that much photos, but I still have enough for a post.

I really started being obsessed with going to a city that is in a vicinity to mine because even though I don't have time to travel to another country, this is a great solution.

This is my second post in March and I think that is perfect time for me to share some of my favorite quotes for this month.
All of these quotes are from Pinterest, and I have my own board "Quotes". So, if you are interested, follow me there CLICK

"Your only limit is you"
"Music is life. That's why our hearts have beats"
"It's not about being the best. It's about being better than yesterday" 


So after a long week of work it's time to relax from loud streets and people. 
This weekend we went on a little weekend trip to the city near us to enjoy snowy moments and take some pictures. Of course where could I even possibly go without working on my blog ( Not complaining AT ALL )
So my team did an update for my blog ( We kinda got bored of my old template and all that stuff so we were thinking to spend money and buy a template ) and I am pretty much obsessed with it. The next thing to do is to buy a domain name for this website and I am finally done with everything. 

Now, Let's get to the post!

In today's outfit I am wearing OBEY CLOTHING sweater, ripped denim Jeans and Paladium shoes ( I literally wear them all the time) 
If you want to shop anything from OBEY be sure to CLICK HERE. I really love this brand and everything they have to offer. 

I wanted to share more pictures with you from our trip, so take a look!

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Reading books and listening to music is probably one of the best things for me. Both inspire, make you motivated or even make you sleep. For the sleeping part, I got this super beautiful and cozy blanket from JYSK and I am pretty obsessed with it. In my city temperature dropped below freezing ( up to -10 ) which is really bad, but also amazing because laying straight to bed and reading my favorite book makes every day perfect.

JYSK is Scandinavian home store that has a lot of to offer. From the smallest things etc. Candles, Pillows to Coaches and furniture  in general. I am really amazed with their quality and I can only say best about it. 

I found some amazing photos on Pinterest about book flat lays and I started to love this app. So many photos and things to Pin. If you want to follow me there CLICK HERE and we can connect there!